profile photo of Siciliana Trevino, Ace Hotel NYC


She is an award-winning AR/VR Producer, 3D world builder and innovator who uses immersive technology to enhance social connection and create shared moments of delight.

Siciliana develops powerful content and growth strategies that increase audience engagement and loyalty.

As a recognized leader in immersive tech she brings over a decade of experience collaborating with global brands, startups, entrepreneurs, and community organizations to drive high impact results using the latest innovations in tech including AI, Web3, virtual and augmented reality.

She can help you build, launch and grow your 3D apps, experiences and VR pilot programs on a variety of consumer platforms.

Have a project in mind?

Siciliana hosts the Zero to Start podcast, about VR development for beginners featuring inspiring conversations with VR leaders and developers, with a spotlight series sponsored by Meta.

She is a strong advocate for inclusive creator communities, serving as a cofounder of ARVR Women and Allies and raising over $10,000 to advance multicultural leadership in XR.

AR games include:

HG Wells War of the Worlds: Invasion, the first audio AR podcast and action-adventure game made exclusively for Bose AR Frames.

Ice Breakers, mobile AR game that breaks down communication barriers and encourages positive social interactions, made at the MIT Media Lab.


New Mo’ Cut David Peoples’ lost film of Moe’s Books winner, Best Editing Filmstock Film Festival. Archived at U.C. Berkeley’s Bancroft Library.

Siciliana has raised thousands of dollars on Kickstarter for her 360 video and documentary work, and has screened at festivals nationwide, including the Mill Valley Film Festival.

Community Events:

2018-2020 Breakfast Fight Club, ARVR Women and Allies Breakfast Networking events

2015 – 2018 OffPlanet VR, Berkeley’s first VR meetup, featuring VR demos and talks, before the the commercial launchof the Oculus Rift in 2016.

Speaker engagements and panels:

  • WeCode Harvard
  • AWE Nite SF: AR and Gaming
  • Writing for the Metaverse, Chapman University
  • Independent Writing and Producing for the Metaverse, CalState EastBay
  • VR Day Berkeley


BFA in Film/Video, CalArts.