Zero To Start Podcast

VR Development for Beginners

Dive into what you need to get started for developing VR experiences through inspiring conversations with industry leaders and creators who are on the cutting edge of immersive technology, building the future of spatial computing aka the Metaverse. Our spotlight series featuring immersive artists and developers is sponsored by Meta. 

SPOTLIGHT SERIES sponsored by Meta

Sadah Espii Proctor, XR Experience Designer

Kai Frazier, Founder, CEO KaiXR

Lauren Frazier, CTO, Ramen VR

Jasmine Roberts, ARVR Software Engineer

Richard Duck, Store Operations Manager, Oculus

Kathryn Hicks, ARVR Designer, The Danse

Clorama Dorvilias Program Manager, Oculus

Allison Lee, Developer Program Manager, Oculus

Allison shares everything you need to know about applying to the Oculus Launchpad developer program. She also shares her perspective on VR design and free resources.