War of the Worlds: Invasion

The Martians are here for our memes!

Inspired by the H.G. Wells sci-fi classic, War of the Worlds: Invasion is A Bose AR enabled podcast and action-adventure game in one, featuring hyper local music from DJ Eu4ic, ASMR, a Latte Goddess and Shia LaBeouf!


Future So Bright

Snapchat Lens for ARVR Women and Allies made with Lens Studio.


Ice Breakers

A multiplayer AR game that breaks down communication barriers and encourages positive social interactions. Made at MIT Reality Virtually Hackathon 2019.

What it does

Two players enter a virtual playroom where they are separated by a wall of ice cubes. Their objective is to break the cubes with a charmed projectile. When the players breakdown the wall everyone wins, incentivizing players to dismantle the divide between isolation and shared moments of delight.

How we built it

Developer Kris Pilcher built the game using ARCore, and Google’s cloud integration in Unity. Team Lead and designer, Siciliana Trevino made game assets in Medium, Photoshop and Illustrator. We also used Blender.

Coming soon to Android and iOS.

Bud Snow AR

Augmented reality app for artist, Bud Snow. Developed on Android by Siciliana Trevino. Available for download on the Play Store.

Artboard 1
Artboard 2
Artboard 3
Artboard SHIRT-WHT
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