Aesthetic Mobile Division

Virtual Art Car made with Unity for BRCvr’s Burning Man Universe in Altspace

Aesthetic Mobile Division by PersistentMesh (Siciliana Trevino) Thanks to Rebecca Evans (Transform) BRCvr, Justin Gunn, Andy Fidel, Cause. VR is dead. Long live VR.
Aesthetic Mobile Division wide view of the delorean art car on the palm tree strip surrounded by dark purple mountains and a hot air balloon in the night sky
3 decker delorean art car perspective view
Close up view of Aesthetic Mobile Division logo on the top deck of the 3 decker art car
Car exterior side view, solo cup logo side
Dolphins Sigfried and Roy in the 2nd deck pool. Solo cup logo walls
art car, second deck with pool, dolphins sigfried and Roy swimming. Vaporwave is dead, longlive vaporwave statue graphic towers over the pool. Rows of palm trees boarder the pool, black and pink checker ceiling. solo cup logo along the exterior side walls
Play VHS stamp, rearview of the art car
Departures Temple. Greek architecture, patio with pool and a fire pit in the center. crystal gems the size of boulders grow from the dark purple cliffs surrounding the departure hub
Delorean Art Art car parked at its BRC location at Trash Fence.
Statue of Venus in neon colors, a banner crosses her eyes with the line vaporwave is dead. Another banner is across her chest that reads, long live vaporwave

Virtual Events

BRCvr Breakfast Burn Club Flyer with date, time and location, Deep Playa. tag line, I am Jack's virtual Burning Man. Aesthetic Mobile Division logo. digital landscape with view of palm tree tops and a metallic hot air balloon climbing up the starry night sky.